FYTTA is a youth table tennis organization, established in 2009, committed to the development of youth table tennis players in the state of Florida with the aim of bringing junior and cadet table tennis development to a new level.

The Florida Youth Table Tennis Association's mission is to provide every child between the ages of 5 and 16 a chance to learn and play table tennis in a fun, safe,supervised environment. One of the main goals of the program is to encourage children to do their best with their abilities. With an emphasis on positive reinforcement, the program seeks to build confidence and self-esteem in each child.

With the Quarterly Youth Age Group Program (QYAG) as well as the inception of a year round comprehensive developmental curriculum under the auspices of the USATT Coaching Committee and ITTF Development program, allowing young table tennis players access to community recreation table tennis centers, juniors can now choose from a multitude of opportunities.

The FYTTA is an organization that believes in providing competitive opportunities for its members. Our QYAG Tour will take a different approach to junior table tennis. In Fall of 2008 the Junior & Cadet Tour started by grouping players by their age, gender and skill level rather than rating to allow players not at the top level to compete with their peers. The Junior Tour enables players to move up as their skills improve.

As the organization evolve, the FYTTA has partnered and collaborated with other sports such as volleyball and health clubs like AMP Fitness and the local community not only to promote junior table tennis, but also to learn and share sports science and competition strategies with the aim of building a stronger healthier culture and community through friendly inter-club and interscholastic competition.

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