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Monthly Club Ranking Resumes

posted Dec 2, 2012, 4:44 PM by Jun Amon
Today, December 2, 2012, FYTTA resumed its regular monthly players ranking tournament with the introduction of the Ladder format The league has two divisions: D1 is Cadet/Junior and D2 is Junior/Adult. Thirteen year old Felipe Shiwa and his father Edson Shiwa are both ranked #1 in their respective divisions. However tonight Felipe took the top spot in D2 bringing Edson down to No. 2. followed by Anthony Badway and Pranav Anumulapally in 3rd and 4th rank. The next schedule is Friday, December 7, 2012 from 5 to 6:30PM. The league is for monthly, quarterly and annual FYTTA members only. Guest are welcome to try out one match for free but result will not be cl

The ranking will ran until January 13 to determine the 2012 FYTTA #1 Player of the Year in each division. The ladder tournament will resume again on February 3 to start the 2013 ranking.

Here is the current ranking for each division.

D1: Cadet/Junior Division

  1. Felipe Shiwa
  2. Pranav Anumulapally
  3. Eric Zhong
  4. Davie Zhong
  5. Diva 
  6. Aditya
  7. Vashist

D2: Adult/Junior Division

  1. Felipe Shiwa
  2. Edson Shiwa
  3. Anthony Badway
  4. Pranav Anumulapally
  5. Ranga Anumulapally
  6. Devender

We are still accepting registration. There are 5 spots left in D1 and 6 in D2. Monthly membership is $30 for juniors and $40 for adults. This includes league fee and open play during club day for a month.